10 Class Management Strategies

Decorative: A Lego figure standing by a small blackboard on which is written "Classroom Management"


"The 12 Best Modern Classroom Management Strategies for Teachers" (post) presents an infographic entitled "12 Strategies to Manage the Modern Classroom - All Start with the Letter C."

  • The points below are adapted from that infographic to be more specifically applicable to the university environment.

1. "Circulate"

  • "Constantly remind students you are there and know what they are doing."
  • "Walk ... around the room. Throw in a joke or two."
  • "Stop at a student's desk and ask probing questions."
  • Try to "see all the screens" (from "Classroom setup" in the infographic) 

2. "Capture"

  • "Have a system which results in students sharing their work."
  • "When students share, capture it by recording what they say and snapping a photo of their screen."
  • Consider legal implications before sharing anything outside of the classroom or class D2L site.

3. "Consequences"

  • "Have consequences for time off task" -- or late work.

4. "Compromise"

  • "Give students opportunity for time off if deadlines are met."
  • "Allow those who finish early to do a [related] activity of their choice."

5. "Create"

  • "Have something that students will share during class."
  • "Students will learn from and be inspired by one another."
  • "Accountability is authentic."

6. "Clock"

  • "Project a clock for students to check periodically."
  • Indicate to students where they should be [in the class/activity process] and at what time."

7. "Collect"

  • "Collect responses from students ... ensures they have a deliverable and helps them stay on track."

8. "Call out"

  • "Call out ... [e]ither by walking around or looking at management software."
  • "Catch students being awesome and share their genius with the class."

9. "Choice"

  • "Give students agency and ownership in their work ... lots of choices, aligned to their talents, interests, abilities, and learning styles helps keep them on task."

10. "Check ins"

  • "Check in with students to see where they are are and what they've learned."
  • "This could be conferring with a student at their desk, a poll in Google Classroom, a response in Kahoot, or a reflection on Google sheets."
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