11-Point Universal Design (UDL) Rubric for a Syllabus

Decorative: The word "Syllabus" written on a scroll


"Universal Design for Learning [UDL]: A Rubric for Evaluating Your Course Syllabus" (pdf) outlines 11 criteria of effective UDL syllabi, "including varied ways to access required and recommended readings, a detailed course calendar, and multiple ways to ask questions of instructors" ("Evidence-Based Practices").

  • Each criterion is assessed by specific features that determine whether a considered syllabus is "Traditional," Enhanced," or Exemplary."
  • An empty "Tips/Tools" column is provided for instructors to keep track of useful resources.

Assessed Criteria

  • Instructor Information
  • Textbooks [or other required resources]
  • Course assignments (explanation)
  • Course assignments (examples
  • Course assignments (submission)
  • Course assignments (grading)
  • Course calendar
  • Student resources
  • Format (length)
  • Format (accessible)
  • Format (visible)
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