15 Key Issues in Teaching and Learning (2019)

Decorative: "Key Issues" spelled out in Scrabble tiles with both words sharing the "E"


"2019 Key Issues in Teaching and Learning" (post) presents the results of the 2019 ELI (Educause Learning Initiative) survey of the higher-education community, outlining the the "key issues [that will] serve as the framework, or focal points, for our discussions and programming throughout the coming year."

  • Scroll past the visual in the post for links to articles, studies, etc. on each of the 15 key issues.

The Key Issues

1. "Faculty Development & Engagement"

  • "Enabling faculty to craft active-learning engagements that achieve learning objectives"

2. "Online & Blended Learning"

  • "Constructing course models to serve on-campus students and remote learners alike"

3. "Instructional & Learning Experience Design"

  • "Enhancing skills for designers and using data to inform design processes"

4. "Digital & Informational Literacy"

  • "Nurturing student competencies in finding, evaluating, and creating digital information"

5. "Accessibility & Universal Design for Learning"

  • "Implementing effective practices and course designs that are accessible by everyone"

6. "Competency & New Methods of Assessment"

  • "Creating the means to record and capture the entirety of learner accomplishments"

7. "Learning Analytics"

  • "Enabling proactive alerts on student performance and input for course improvement"

8. "Open Education"

  • "Promoting the creating of open resources, open curricular designs, and supportive policies"

9.  "Evaluating Instruction & Learning Innovations"

  • "Employing tools and methods to gather and analyze evidence of learning effectiveness"

10. "Academic Transformation"

  • "Promoting the strategic transformation of the campus teaching and learning mission"

11. "Adaptive Teaching & Learning"

  • "Personalizing the ways of delivering instruction and mentoring to support all students"

12. "Learning Spaces (including Makerspaces)"

  • "Transforming classrooms into interactive spaces of discovery, inquiry, and making"

13. "Microcredentialing & Digital Badging"

  • "Creating new systems of documenting and publishing learner achievement"

14. "Digital Learning Architecture"

  • "Architecting digital learning environments that fully serve all learners and instructors"

15. "Integrating Planning & Advising for Student Success (iPASS)"

  • "Improving student success through integrated planning, advising, and technology"
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