50+ Beyond-the-Essay Rubrics

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"Tools for Creating Your Rubrics and Examples of Rubrics" (web page) includes links to rubrics for a variety of beyond-the-essay assignments.

See also "A Rubric for Rubrics."

1. Presentation Rubrics

  • Keynote Grading Rubric (web; pdf)
  • Visual Literacy Rubric: Effective Presentations (web; pdf)
  • Media-Making Rubric: Slideshow/Video (web)
  • Speech and  Presentation Rubric (doc)
  • VoiceThread Rubric (web; pdf)
  • Poetry Speaking and Performance Rubric (web; pdf)
  • Art Rubric for Assessment of Discussion and Writing on Art HIstory, Aesthetics, and Art Criticism (web; doc)
  • Formal Oral Communication Rubric (doc)
  • Oral Exam Rubric (doc)

2. Social Media Project Rubrics

3. Discussion, Teamwork, and Group Work Rubrics

  • Online Discussion Rubric (web; doc)
  • Discussion Perfromance Rubric (doc)
  • Collaboration Rubric (web; doc)
  • Collaborative Working with Groups Rubric (web; doc)
  • Elementary Teamwork Rubric (web; doc)
  • Adult Collaborative Work Groups (web; doc)
  • Class Participation Rubric (doc)

4.   Web Page Rubrics

  •  Digital Portfolio) Rubric (web; doc)
  • Class Web Pages (webdoc) [Note: For secondary school, but easily adapted]
  • Peer Review Student Web Page Rubric (web)
  • Web-Based Learning Environments Assessment Rubric (web; pdf)

5. Concept Map and Graphic Organizer Rubric

  • Graphic Organizer - Inspiration Diagrams/Concept Maps Rubric (web; doc)
  • Concept Map/Storyboard Rubric (web; doc)
  • Storyboard - Multimedia: Screencasting (web, doc)

6. Video and Multimedia Project Rubrics

  • Video Project Rubric (webdoc)
  • Multimedia Mania Rubric (web; doc)
  • Illustrated Timeline Rubric (web, pdf)
  • Assessing Best Webquests Rubric (web; doc)
  • Interactive Media Project: Screencasting Rubric (web, doc)
  • Stop Motion Animation Rubric (web)
  • Basic Digital Storytelling Rubric (web; pdf)
  • Digital Storytelling Rubric (pdf)

7. Virtual Simulations and Games Rubric

8. Research Process Rubrics

  • Holistic Critical Thinking Scoring Rubric (web; pdf)
  • Research Process Rubric (doc)
  • Reflective Research Journal (web)
  • Information Summary Rubric (web; doc)
  • Academic Research, Writing, and Formatting Rubric (web; doc)
  • Basic Response to Expository Text Writing Rubric (web; pdf)

9. "Rubrics for Experiential Learning"

10. "Rubrics for Journals & Journaling"

11. Maker Project Rubrics

  • Maker Project Rubric (web; doc)
  • Basic 3D Printing Challenge Rubric (web; doc)
  • Digital Design Technology Rubric (web)
  • Final Design Project (web)

12. Other Rubrics

  • Diorama Rubric (pdf)
  • Infographic Rubric (pdf)
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