6 Kinds of Video Projects

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"Six Styles of Classroom Video Projects" (pdf) outlines six ways of "creating and publishing videos ... to get students excited about researching, storytelling, and sharing their work with an audience."

  • Each option is more fully elaborated in the post/pdf and includes suggested tools -- programs, apps, platforms, etc.

1. One-Take Videos

  • "These are ... shot using the camera built into a mobile phone or tablet ... [or] in a laptop."
  • They "quickly record a short observation, to record a short message, or to capture an important moment like students making observations during a science lab."
  • "Generally, these videos should be less than sixty seconds."

2. Audio Slideshows

  • "These are ... built upon a series of still images combined with a soundtrack of either music or spoken words."
  • They "[s]ummariz[e] the highlights of an event ... the key points in a story, and ... the results of research project ... [or] give step-by-step directions for a process."
  • They are "typically less than three minutes long."

3. Whiteboard/Screencast Instructional Videos

  • They are "used for explaining and demonstrating how to solve problems, how to use a piece of software, providing a walk-through of a timeline or flowchart, or to simply narrate a set of slides."
  • They are "often made by teachers for the purpose of instruction to students."
  • "[S]tudents [can] create instructional videos through which they model their knowledge of a process or topic."

4. Animated Videos

  • This "is a great way for students to bring a story to life."
  • "[Students] can create animations for stories they’ve created or for stories they’ve read."

5. Stopmotion & Timelapse Videos

  • Stopmotion "is a good way for students to see how a story develops frame-by-frame."
  • "Timelapse videos offer a fantastic way for students to record and then see how a lengthy process occurs."

6. The Documentary/Feature Film

  • "These are the longest video projects."
  • "Students ... create videos of five minutes or more to tell a fiction or nonfiction story."
  • "While any of the previously mentioned project styles could be stretched to five minutes, generally they’re better kept to shorter lengths."
  • "The typical project over five minutes is going to be a documentary style, news report, or telling of a long fiction story with live action." 
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