7 Free & Easy Audio Recording & Publishing Tools

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A. The "Audio Recording and Publishing" section (pp. 30-31) from The Practical Ed Tech Handbook 2019-2020 (doc) introduces 7 tools and services for recording (usually) embeddable messages, music, interviews, etc.

Other useful sections of The Practical Ed Tech Handbook 2019-2020 to review for ideas, tools, and resources include the following:

  • "Video Creation and Flipped Lessons"
    • "Seven Styles of Classroom Video Projects" (pp. 21-28)
    • "Creating & Distributing Flipped Video Lessons" (p. 29)
  • "Backchannels & Informal Assessment" (pp. 32-35)
  • "Creating Digital Portfolios" (pp. 36-37)
  • "Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality" (pp. 38-40)

B. 7 Audio Recording & Publishing Tools

1. Vocaroo

  • A solid tool "for quickly creating simple audio recordings online"
  • "[C]reate short audio recordings without the hassle of creating an account and having to remember a username and password."
  • "Just go to the site and click record to get started."

2. Synth 

  • "[R]ecord up to 256 seconds: then post your recording for students to listen to and respond to with recordings of their own."
  • "[S]tudents can create a recording, post it, and get responses from you and their classmates."
  • Editable transcription included.

3. Anchor 

  • "[R]ecording, editing, and distributing podcasts ... as simple as just holding down the record button on your phone or on your laptop and then releasing it when you're done talking"
  • "[U]pload external audio files to include in your podcast."
  • "[D]istribute your podcast to Apple Podcasts (iTunes), Google Podcasts, Spotify (Anchor’s parent company) or any other large podcast networks."

4. TwistedWave

  • "[C]reate and edit spoken audio recordings from scratch ... [then export] completed tracks ... to Google Drive and SoundCloud."
  • "TwistedWave's audio editing tools include options for fade-in, fade-out, looping, sound normalization, and pitch adjustments ... [as well as] the typical track clipping tools."

5. Soundtrap (​​"the GoogleDocs for music"; now $$$!)

  • "[A] a fantastic tool for creating music online"
  • "[S]tudents can use virtual instruments to create music or they can record themselves playing music on an instrument and then use that recording in conjunction with the virtual instruments in the Soundtrap environment."
  • "Click the 'collaborate' tab in the Soundtrap editor to invite others to create music with you."
  • "Soundtrap will work in the Chrome web browser on a laptop, iPad, Chromebook, and Android tablet."

6. StoryCorps (Mission: "[T]o preserve and share humanity’s stories in order to build connections between people and create a more just and compassionate world," "About StoryCorps")

  • "StoryCorps has a free app for recording interviews with your iPhone or Android phone."
    • "The app is designed to help people conduct and record great interviews ... with a set of questions that you can use in your interview."
    • "The question sets are varied depending upon the relationship that you do or don't have with your interviewee." 
    • "While recording your interview, you can swipe through the questions to help you keep the interview on track." 

7. AudioPal

  • "[C]reate short audio messages to embed into blog posts."
  • "AudioPal offers three ways to create messages":
    • "[R]ecord using a microphone connected to your computer."
    • "[R]ecord by calling AudioPal'sphone system."
    • "[C]reate a message by using AudioPal's text-to-speech function."
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