Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity in Online Education (2)

Promoting Academic Integrity in Online Education (pdf)

This 22-page booklet includes the following articles:

  • "Combating Online Dishonesty with Communities of Integrity"
  • "The New News about Cheating for Distance Learners"
  • "A Problem of Core Values: Academic Integrity in Distance Learning"
  • "Student Authentication: What Are Your Duties Under the HEA Reauthorization?"
  • "91 Ways to Maintain Academic Integrity in Online Courses"
  • "Remote Proctoring: Key to Secure Exam Administration?"
  • "A Chink in Our Armor: Can Technology Provide a True Online Proctored Exam?"
  • Practical Tips for Preventing Cheating on Exams"
  • "Identity Gift: The Opposite of Identity Theft?"


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