Student Mental Health: How Instructors Can Help

Accessible Campus by the Council of Ontario Universities provides a number of resources for instructors concerning mental health and disability.

Below are several short videos from Accessible Campus that offer basic guidance within an educational context for instructors in the following areas:

  • Understanding the impact of mental illness (3.56 m)
  • Acting to recognize, respond, and refer to students struggling with mental illness (3.29 m)
  • Influencing the campus to become a healthier community (2.56 m)
  • Helping students in distress (12.48 m)


Barriers to Accessibility in Educational Contexts

"Understanding Barriers to Accessibility" (web page) explains and gives examples within an educational context of the "five identified barriers to accessibility for persons with disabilities" under the following categories:

  • Attitudinal barriers
  • Organizational or systemic barriers
  • Architectural or physical barriers
  • Information or communications barriers
  • Technological barriers
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