Assessment and Testing

Assessment and Testing

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This section includes a growing resource bank on assessment and testing for many different learning activities – core content, assignments, discussions, participation, experiential learning, reflection, flipped/blended courses, formative/summative activities, etc.

Video Grading

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"Video Grading" (blog post) outlines reasons to consider offering feedback to students via video -- and the tools needed to do it quickly and easily. 

  • Note: Video (or audio) feedback can be recorded directly within D2L, Lakehead's LMS.

1. Why Use Video Grading?

Group Critiques

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"Group Critiques" (web page) "refe[r] to a method of analysis in which a group of people critique a work, project, or assignment and give feedback to the creator."

  • "In a classroom, groups can be given a rubric to aid them in the critique process or the critique can be based solely on opinion, as is traditional with writing workshop critiques."

1. Application

Group critiques have several benefits/uses:

a. For Assessment