Assessment and Testing

Assessment and Testing

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This section includes a growing resource bank on assessment and testing for many different learning activities – core content, assignments, discussions, participation, experiential learning, reflection, flipped/blended courses, formative/summative activities, etc.

Test-Enhanced Learning

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"Test-Enhanced Learning: Using Retrieval Practice to Help Students Learn" (web page) is a brief teaching guide that covers the following topics:

  • "What is 'test-enhanced learning'?"
  • "Six things research tells us about the effects of retrieval practice"
  • "Why is it effective?"
  • "How can instructors implement test-enhanced learning in their classes?"
  • "What are important caveats to keep in mind?"

Sample Assignment-Specific Rubrics

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"Tips on Grading: Using Rubrics" (pdf) briefly explains rubrics and their benefits and emphasizes that "the best rubrics are specific to the assignment":

  • "[A] very general rubric provides little feedback or guidance to students."
  • "[T]he more explicit the rubric to the specific assignment, the more direction students get, and the easier it is for them to write to a target, revise a draft paper, or improve on the next assignment."

To this end, the pdf provides "sample rubrics for different courses and purposes."