Assessment and Testing

Assessment and Testing

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This section includes a growing resource bank on assessment and testing for many different learning activities – core content, assignments, discussions, participation, experiential learning, reflection, flipped/blended courses, formative/summative activities, etc.

Personalized Learning


Infographic: "Personalized Learning: Learn how you want to learn, Learn what you want to learn, Learn when you want to learn, Learn where you want to learn, Learn why you want to learn"


"Personalized Learning" (blog post) defines personalized learning as "the tailoring of pedagogy, curriculum and learning environments by learners or for learners in order to meet their different learning needs and aspirations" and states that, "Typically technology is used to facilitate personalized learning environments."


Low-Stakes Assignments

Breaking down assignments to benefit from feedback and to build self-efficacy: no stakes (topic), low stakes (sources), moderate stakes (outline/draft), higher stakes (paper)


"Low-Stakes Assignments" (web page) defines "low-stake assignments," explains the benefits of this kind of assessment, and gives examples of low-stakes assignments: 

1. Breaking Down Larger Assignments

  • Components of a larger project
  • Drafts and peer reviews
  • Mid-project/mid-term conferences
  • Group work planning

2. Quizzes

Aligning Assignments and Learning Goals

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"Aligning Assignments and Learning Goals" (web page) is an excellent resource that presents 30 distinct assignment types under 9 categories of broad "learning goals" -- in chart form.

  • For each type of assignment, the charts list multiple, specific learning goals under the following format: "This kind of assignment ... Helps students to learn...." 

1. General Categories of Learning Goals