Assessment and Testing

Balanced Feedback

Decorative: A tree image with "Feedback" written up the trunk and the leaves consisting of variously sized hands with thumbs up or thumbs down


"The Need for Balanced Feedback" (post) defines (online) feedback as "embod[ying] two concepts .. praise and critique ... [which includes] specific correction and feedback ... [and] "syntax/format versus topical content."

1. Praise and Critique

"Critical feedback needs an element of precision and specificity": 

Rubrics for Experiential Learning

Decorative: A hand-shaped word cloud on the theme of experiential learning


1. "Rubrics for Experiential Learning" (pdf) briefly outlines the types of rubrics, the benefits of rubrics, and basic parameters for a rubric. It also explains "[h]ow to build and modify a rubric" and includes the following sample rubrics:

  • Collaboration ina Service-Learning Project
  • Self-Reflection of Journal for Service-Learning Project
  • Study Abroad Rubric

2. Dimensions for Select Experiential Learning Activities

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