Best Teaching Practices

Best Practices

The words "best practices" written on a chalkboard


“Best practices” connect relevant educational research to in-course application to help instructors do the following:

  • Inject rigour into the curriculum and its presentation
  • Develop students’ thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Motivate, engage, and prompt students to learn

While the entire “Resources” section of the site addresses “best practices” for university-level teaching, this section covers other important but more “miscellaneous” issues not found under the specific topics listed in the left column.

Choice Boards for Interactive Learning

Decorative: An empty 3x3 choice board shell


"Create Interactive Learning with a Choice Board" (article) explains what choice boards how, how they engage learners, provides links to sample choice boards at a range of levels and in a variety of subjects, and suggests tools to create choice boards.

1. "What Are Choice Bards?"

  • "[C]oice boards are ... graphic organizers that provide students choices about how they learn."
  • They "are set up in a grid, generally with 9 squares ... [and] require ... students complete items from the choice board in a specific [pattern].”

2. How Do They Work?