Best Teaching Practices

Best Practices

The words "best practices" written on a chalkboard


“Best practices” connect relevant educational research to in-course application to help instructors do the following:

  • Inject rigour into the curriculum and its presentation
  • Develop students’ thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Motivate, engage, and prompt students to learn

While the entire “Resources” section of the site addresses “best practices” for university-level teaching, this section covers other important but more “miscellaneous” issues not found under the specific topics listed in the left column.

Teaching with Archival, Botanical, and Museum Collections

Decorative: Six paper dolls (general human figures) cut out of archival papers


"Teaching with Archival, Botanical, and Museum Collections" (web page) "provide[s] examples of course assignments and activities that make use of ... public goods collections to enhance student learning, include[s] articles on the benefits for student learning and how to assess it, and offer[s] a list of ... resources for instructors and students."