Best Teaching Practices

Teaching a Self-Directed Learning Framework

SDL Framework: Plan, Perform, Monitor, Reflect (and back to Plan, Perform, ...)


"A Self-Directed Learning Model for 21st Century Learners" (post) outlines "a self-directed learning model for critical literacy" -- a six-part, largely interrogative-based model designed to promote "learning how to learn, understanding what’s worth understanding, and perhaps most importantly, analyzing the purpose of learning (e.g., personal and social change)."

Tips for Co-Teaching

Decorative: A word cloud on the them of "co-teaching"


"How to Make Co-Teaching Work" (post)outlines "some key factors to consider when co-teaching with another educator." 

A. "Tips to Make Co-Teaching Successful"

1. "Building Trust"

  • "With ... trust ... comes the flexibility to give up some control when teaching."
  • "[S]pend time learning about each other’s strengths and challenges in teaching a particular subject area."
  • "This builds a mutual respect between the co-teachers."

2. "Splitting Up Responsibility"

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