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8 Exit Activities for End-of-Class Wrap-Up

"Beyond the Exit Slip: Closure Activities for Classroom Instruction" (post) outlines some easy-to-use- options to "better plan and execute closure to wrap-up the day’s lesson up and review the key points of the lesson."

  • "Remember, the closure of a lesson should be meaningful."  
  • "The purpose of closure is to review the key points of the lesson, give students the opportunity to draw conclusions and show what they know."

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"Old-School" Teaching Tools

Decorative: "Old School" written over a man standing with two gramaphones


"Turning Back the Clock: Simple Aids Make Teaching Effective without Denting Your Budget" (post) lists ten old-school technologies that remind us of "simpler, inexpensive techniques that are effective and take little time to use" in our teaching -- each having "a targeted niche where it can help to satisfy learning principles and help students learn."

1. "Blackboards (Greenboards & Whiteboards)"

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