Best Teaching Practices

11 Fast and Easy Collaborative Activities

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A. "10 Ways to Incorporate Collaborative Learning Daily" (post) listen 10 fast-and-easy active-learning/teaching techniques/activities that highlight "the three most critical parts of collaboration":

  • "The learner is the priority."
  • "Students are actively participating."
  • "Collaboration/ working together in some capacity is required."

B. "10 ways to easily incorporate collaborative learning instantly":

Professional Development mOOC - starting January 2019

Are you interested in beginning a professional learning journey with 250+ of your peers this winter? Are you also interested in acquiring a new set of technology-enabled teaching and learning skills? Join us in the Ontario Extend mOOC, beginning in January, as we work together to become Empowered Educators. Check out this short promo video and, if you’re interested, add your name to the list at and we will follow up with all the details.

This mOOC is offered by eCampusOntario.

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