Best Teaching Practices

3 Top Tips for Engaging Lecturing

Decorative: Four sets of hands applauding a presenter at a podium


A. "3 Presentation Tips to Help You Stand Out from the Crowd" (post) outlines three simple presentation tips that require practice and planning but can quickly make lectures more engaging and effective:

  • "Make friends."
  • "Make pictures."
  • "Make memories."

Each of these tips -- with practical strategies -- is outlined below (and each is developed more fully in the post).

B. The Tips

1. "Make friends."

Exercise Breaks for Increased Learning

Decorative: A drawing showing five students (one seated) with their arms up in the air


A. "Sweat So You Don't Forget: Exercise Breaks During a University Lecture Increase On-Task Attention and Learning" (article) "examine[s] the impact of taking exercise breaks, non-exercise breaks, or no breaks on learning among first year Introductory Psychology students."

1. "Three 5-minute breaks were equally distributed throughout a 50-minute computer-based video lecture."

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