Class Management

Connecting with Students

Decorative: Two humanoid figures, each holding an oversized piece of a puzzle that they are interlocking


"Connecting with Students" (web page) starts with three core questions: "Do you know…"

  • "Who your students are?"
  • "Why they are taking your class?"
  • "How you can improve their learning in and out of class?"

The page addresses three "connection" questions directly, offering practical steps to increase rapport:

1. How does connecting with students impact learning?

Classroom Climate

Decorative: "What is classroom climate? Classroom environment, social climate, learning climate"


"Classroom Climate" (web page) "define[s] classroom climate as 'the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical environments in which our students learn.'"

    The following topics are covered:

    1. What Is Classroom Climate?

    2. Why Is Classroom Climate Important?