Class Management

Challenging Conversations in the Classroom

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"Facilitating Challenging Conversations in the Classroom" (web page) provides (and elaborates on) general suggestions "to help guide instructors" in "open, respectful discussion of sensitive or controversial topics -- such as topics related to identity and inequality, religious beliefs, or political ideologies, for example." 

1. "Define Objectives and Create Structure"

First Day of Class: Starting Well

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"The Most Important Day: Starting Well" (web page) offers a number of suggestions to make the first day of class a more positive and productive activity than just "handing out a syllabus, giving an assignment, and dismissing the class."

  • The suggestions are presented to "make sure student[s'] attitudes toward you, the course, and the subject matter will support a constructive learning climate for the semester."
  • "They are not in a particular order, but can be sampled to fit your own preferences."

1. Topics Covered Include the Following (each elaborated with practical suggestions):

Time-Saving Tips for Large Online Classes

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"Time-Saving Tips for Teaching Large Online Classes" (online article) offers 7 "broad strategies" for "deliver[ing] high-quality education in classes with increased class sizes, while managing your workload within realistic time constraints."

  • "Although the focus is on online education, many of these strategies could be applied in face-to-face classes as well."

1. "Modify assignments."