Class Management

Managing (Non)Talkers in Class: 6 Tips

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"Instructors ... need to prevent one group of students from taking over all discussions... and demonstrate to non-talkers that their participation is desirable, safe, and beneficial to themselves and other students.”

"Teaching in Mixed-Age Classroom" (pdf) offers "a few steps that instructors can take to prevent a feeling of hostility or discomfort from developing among the non-talkers" if "a small group of talkers [is] dominating the conversation":

Managing Class Time Effectively

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"Managing Class Time Effectively" (online post) offers 6 specific time-management suggestions to "ensure the integrity of our teaching": 

1. "Begin each class meeting, as well as sessions following a break, on time."

  • "Delaying starting or re-starting the class simply invites more students to be late." 

2. "Develop and use an agenda for each class meeting."

  • "[I]dentify the approximate time each item should require, and stick to it." 

3. "Energize your class throughout each meeting with questions -- both rhetorical and didactic."