Class Management

When a Student Cries

"When a Student Cries" (online article)

This article presents the results of interviews with "several professors. Their responses ran the gamut — from showing deep sympathy and empathy, to dutifully assuming the role of the rigorous professor who holds fast to high academic standards. "

Key Takeaway Points:

"Whatever the source of the problem, there are some best practices that will help you — and your students — as you navigate the rivers of tears. When your students cry, try to:

Getting Students' Names Right

"Getting [Students'] Names Right: It's Personal"  (online article)

Practical strategies for learning and correctly pronouncing students' names:

Here are some strategies from the article:

1. "Read a class roster out loud before meeting the class."

  • "Note potential difficulties." 
  • "If the class list has photos, try to match them with the names."
  • "Print out the pictures and bring them to class."

2. "Take attendance on the first day in a consistent way with each student, even the ones with seemingly easy names."

Reducing Online-Student Anxiety

The Check-In Quiz: "A Simple Suggestion for Reducing First-Time Online Student Anxiety" (online pdf)

A "simple, low-pressure, and effective" strategy to encourage students to tour "the  class  website  without  the  fear  and  anxiety  that typically  accompany  assignments  and  exams.  

  • Includes the essential elements of an effective Check-in Quiz  

Silent International Students in the Classroom

Decorative: "Silence is a rhythm to" overlaid over an image of a sculpted hand made of stone


"Why Some International Students Are Silent in the U.S. Classroom" (online article)

Explores the experience of "silent students" under five categories:

  • A self-reported or analyzed silence in the classroom
  • Lack of understanding of academic culture
  • Indigenous knowledge sharing/fear of cultural mistake
  • Strong beliefs on traditional learning style
  • Dynamics of classroom requirement
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