Class Management

Student Bullying of Instructors

Decorative: An instructor writing on a board with a target on his back


A. "Student Bullying of Lecturers a ‘Serious Issue’" (online article) outlines some instructors' "experiences of bullying by students for research that hopes to shine a light on a 'neglected area' of higher education."

1. Some Examples of Student Bullying

  • "[B]eing cornered and intimidated by students"
  • "[B]eing verbally abused and being threatened with physical harm"
  • "[B]eing frightened by overly masculine displays"

2. Some Sources of Student Bullying

Challenging Conversations in the Classroom

Decorative: 2 heads in profile facing opposite ways, each with a variety of speech bubbles coming out of their mouths


"Facilitating Challenging Conversations in the Classroom" (web page) provides (and elaborates on) general suggestions "to help guide instructors" in "open, respectful discussion of sensitive or controversial topics -- such as topics related to identity and inequality, religious beliefs, or political ideologies, for example." 

1. "Define Objectives and Create Structure"

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