Curriculum Design

Digital Labs & Simulations 101

Decorative: An image of a Labaster lab


A. "Digital Labs and Simulations" (web page) introduces these online tools, explains what they are, when they are useful, and what features make them useful.

  • "Digital labs and simulations have been developed in many scientific disciplines, from physics to biology, from chemistry to earth sciences, and are sometimes intended to replace labs and other times intended to supplement face-to-face instruction."
  • "Collections of these digital labs and simulations can be found at many sites."

1. What Are They?

PBL Clearinghouse: Ready-to-Use Problems

Decorative: A word cloud based on the theme of "Project-based Learning"


"PBL Clearinghouse" (web page): "The Problem-Based Learning Clearinghouse is a collection of problems and articles to assist educators in using problem-based learning" (PBL@UD).

  • The growing and searchable clearinghouse currently hosts 115 ready-to-use problems in Google Doc files with student handouts and instructor notes: "The file[s] [are] yours to use and adapt."

Current subjects include the following:

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