Evaluation of Teaching

Student Feedback

Student Feedback on Teaching (SFT) is one way in which Lakehead University assesses the quality of teaching and student learning experience.

In 2013, Lakehead University started gathering this feedback online in addition to on paper.

Many courses are now evaluated online but professors have the option to continue using paper-based feedback forms for their courses, and as such, students may be asked to complete a mix of paper and online forms.

Quality Online Course Inititaive Rubric

Decorative: "Quality Online Course Initiative (QOCI) Rubric"


A. "Quality Online Course Initiative (QOCI) Rubric" (web page) introduces a rubric for online courses (updated 2018) designed "to reflect the research and best practices in online learning as well as the changed technologies and practices in creating accessible courses."

1. Links to the Rubric

The QOCI RRubric is "[a] tool to assist in the design, redesign, and/or evaluation of online courses":

Encouraging Student Particpation: An Interrogative Approach

Decorative: Two human heads in profile, one with a gquestion mark in the brain case and question marks coming out of the head and into the  air; the other with a light bulb in the brain case and light bulbs ascending


"Encouraging Student Participation: Why It Pays to Sweat the Small Stuff" (post) takes an interrogative approach, inviting instructors "to reflect on the behaviors [they're] using when seeking, listening, and responding to student contributions" so as to encourage greater student participation.

1. "How often do you ask a question and when do you ask it?"

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