Evaluation of Teaching

Student Feedback

Student Feedback on Teaching (SFT) is one way in which Lakehead University assesses the quality of teaching and student learning experience.

In 2013, Lakehead University started gathering this feedback online in addition to on paper.

Many courses are now evaluated online but professors have the option to continue using paper-based feedback forms for their courses, and as such, students may be asked to complete a mix of paper and online forms.

Questions for Teaching with Technology

Decorative: "Teaching with technology" written  in front of a bank of computers


"6 Essential Questions that Will Help You Create Quality Teaching" (web page) interrogatively proposes clearly assessable standards for "what we think of as innovative teaching in regards to technology."

  • "Called 'The Transformational Six,' these essential questions ... can serve as one powerful set of standards for creating quality teaching":

1. "Did the assignment build capacity for critical thinking on the web?"

13 Questions for Essential Questions

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"A Baker's Dozen -- 13 Questions to Help You Determine if Yours are Essential Questions" (part of a web page) presents a series of yes/no questions to help you differentiate your essential from your non-essential questions.

  • See "Essential Questions 101" for the seven defining characteristics of a good essential question and lists of sample essential questions.

The 13 (actually 15) questions for your questions: