Evaluation of Teaching

19 Questions for Faculty Metacognition

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“Promoting Student Metacognition” (article pdf) provides 30+ “Sample Self-Questions to Promote Faculty Metacognition about Teaching” -- both for individual class sessions and for overall courses.

  • These are useful starters/guides for reflection questions/journaling and self-assessment of one's instructional practices.

A. Class Session

1. Planning

13-Point Basic Syllabus Evaluation Rubric

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"Syllabus Evaluation Rubric" (pdf) defines 13 characteristics of effective syllabi, such as tone and diversity of teaching approaches (from Cornell University's Center for Teaching Excellence).

  • Each characteristic is assessed by specific criteria that determine whether a considered syllabus reflects "Beginning," "Emerging," or "Exemplary" pedagogical skill.

Assessed Syllabus Characteristics

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