Experiential Learning

A Tool for Experiential Learning Entirely Online

Decorative: The logo of Riipen


1. In a "Open Letter to the Community," Riipen announced that, "[i]n response to recent world events," the company "would like to be part of the solution as you prepare for online learning contingencies," and so they "are offering Riipen free for the 2020 spring and summer quarters/terms to post-secondary institutions with no obligation to renew."

Using Technology for Experiential Education

Decorative: "Technology-Infused Experiential Learning"


"Using Technology for Experimental Education" (post) outlines several ways instructors can use technology "[a]s  either a support or primary mechanism for learning."

1. "How can I use technology as the primary mechanism for experiential learning?"

a. Simulation technologies

"[S]pecifically designed to allow for 'real-life' training and practice in a low risk environment":

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