Graduate Students

How to Enrol in the Certificate in Teaching & Learning in Higher Education

To enrol in the Certificate in Teaching & Learning in Higher Education 2017-2018, you must first self-enrol in that course. To do so, follow the steps below:

1. On your main mycourselink/D2L page, locate the column entitled "Help" (top right).

2. In that column, scroll down to "Self-Registration," and click on that term.

3. In the page that opens, you will see a list (one or more) of non-academic courses for which you are eligible. Click on "Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 2017-201" to select it.

4. In the window that opens, click on "Register" (bottom right).

Certificate in Teaching & Learning in Higher Education

Decorative: A poster entitled "Thriving in Graduate School," which defines "thrive" (to prosper; to grow to develop vigorously; flourish"). Includes pictures, each with a sphere of life specified -- play, work, study. connect, self-care, organize, lead, teach, communicate


The Certificate in Teaching & Learning in Higher Education is a free, two-part, non-credit, online program (with some synchronous elements) for Lakehead University graduate students. It runs from October through April and covers academic, research, career, communication, teaching, and life skills within a graduate-student context.

1. Modules

Finding the Best Keywords for Research


Helpful suggestions for graduate students.


How to Choose the Best Keywords for Your Research Paper (or Journal Article)

1. What does the Journal suggest to provide regarding keywords and number of keywords?

2. Choose terms, words, and/or phrases related to your topic. If someone else were searching for papers on your topic, would they find your paper in their search?

3. Key phrases should contain two to four words.

4. Avoid terms already present in your title.

5. Don't be too broad or too general. 

6. Make sure your keywords contain your method or technique (if your work primarily revolves around it). 

7. Include alternate words to your keywords or phrases.

8. Test your keywords before submitting. What other papers do these keywords or phrases find? Are they similar to your paper?