Graduate Students

How to Enrol in the Certificate in Teaching & Learning in Higher Education

To enrol in the Certificate in Teaching & Learning in Higher Education 2017-2018, you must first self-enrol in that course. To do so, follow the steps below:

1. On your main mycourselink/D2L page, locate the column entitled "Help" (top right).

2. In that column, scroll down to "Self-Registration," and click on that term.

3. In the page that opens, you will see a list (one or more) of non-academic courses for which you are eligible. Click on "Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 2017-201" to select it.

4. In the window that opens, click on "Register" (bottom right).

Certificate in Teaching & Learning in Higher Education

Decorative: A poster entitled "Thriving in Graduate School," which defines "thrive" (to prosper; to grow to develop vigorously; flourish"). Includes pictures, each with a sphere of life specified -- play, work, study. connect, self-care, organize, lead, teach, communicate


The Certificate in Teaching & Learning in Higher Education is a free, two-part, non-credit, online program (with some synchronous elements) for Lakehead University graduate students. It runs from October through April and covers academic, research, career, communication, teaching, and life skills within a graduate-student context.

1. Modules

Indigenous Research Ethics

Whether engaging directly with Indigenous communities, organizations, or individuals, or, if you are engaging in the research of data, documents, knowledge and/or traditions of and about Indigenous peoples in Canada, there are a set of ethical principles to keep in mind. 

  • Ownership, Control, Access, and Possession (OCAP): A First Nation Community retains ownership and control over Aboriginal Knowledge and its interpretation. A community will have full access to any documents and research that includes its Indigenous Knowledge.