Graduate Students

Certificate in Teaching & Learning in Higher Education

The Certificate in Teaching & Learning in Higher Education is a free, non-credit, professional-development program providing Lakehead University graduate students with an introduction to pedagogical theory and practice.

The program runs October to May. The program is completed primarily online, with one classroom component in the Winter term. 

Learning Outcomes of the Certificate Program

By the end of this program, students will be able to:

  1. Establish academic integrity guidelines and identify their role in this process
  2. Establish netiquette guidelines for a course at the undergraduate level 
  3. Examine the components of an effective research speech and design their own research or professional speech
  4. Create and evaluate the effectiveness of learning outcomes at the undergraduate level
  5. Design and appraise a mock undergraduate course
  6. Clearly communicate expectations and instructions for an undergraduate course
  7. Evaluate teaching skills and generate recommendations for teaching effectiveness and clear communication
  8. Develop a self-assessment of their role as a mentor/leader/instructor in teaching and learning

For more information about the certificate, contact:

Dr. Rhonda Dubec
Coordinator of Instructional Development and Intercultural Education
Phone: (807) 343.8874

Creating Structure in Grad School

Decorative: Chess pieces lined up in descending order: king, queen, bishop, knight, rook, pawn


Premised on the assumption that "graduate school is just as much about the social relationships as it is about the professional development. You need both to succeed," “Create the Structures You Need” (blog post) offers three pieces of advice (with practical suggestions for each):

1. “Invest in your grad school community.”

  • “Make new friends.”
  • “Ask for help often and give help freely.”

2. “Develop relationships with at least three advisors.”

3. “Set short-term goals.”
“Create structures that allow you to track your own progress”: