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Robinson-Superior Treaty, Williams Treaty, and treaty in Ontario Information

Understanding the history, impacts and effects of treaty in Canada is complex.

The following sources of information are provided regarding treaty in Ontario, and specific information on the Robinson-Superior Treaty for Thunder Bay and the Williams Treaty for Orillia.

Educator resources for the teaching of treaty are also provided below. 

"Reconciliation within the Academy: Why is Indigenization so Difficult?"

 From Michael Bopp (from the organization who published The Sacred Tree), Lee Brown, and Jonathan Robb is a thought-provoking article :"Reconciliation within the Academy: Why is Indigenization so Difficult?"

They write, "Indigenization is the process of creating a supportive and comfortable space inside our institutions within which Indigenous people can succeed."

But, they also admit, Indigenization is complex and difficult.

Read in their article about barriers and solutions to reconciliation and Indigenization. 


Key Barriers to Reconciliation and Indigenization: 

1. Lack of Basic Knowledge and Understanding