Indigenous Resources

Developing Palliative Care Programs in First Nations Communities

Decorative: "Improving End-of-life Care in First Nations Communities"


"Developing Palliative Care Programs in First Nations Communities: A Workbook" (web page) "is a major outcome of the EOLFN project and is intended for use by First Nations communities."

A. The Workbook

"It was developed by the research team that included the four First Nations community partners and is intended as a guide and a resource for other communities."

ConnectR: Indigenous Links and Resources

Decorative: ConnectR logo


"ConnectR" (web site) is the "latest project" of  Reconciliation Saskatoon "and evolved out of a desire to share the opportunities we experience through Reconciliation Saskatoon beyond our circle" ("The ConectR Story").

1. It provides information and "[o]pportunities to":

  • "listen to each other and build new relationships"
  • "learn from one another"
  • "build a shared future"
  • "create change and live Reconciliation together."

2. Four "paths" are included to explore the site:

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