Course Internationalization

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"Strategies for Course Internationalization" (web page) is a "tip sheet [that] explains how instructors can design internationalized courses" to help ensure "that courses and program activities include global perspectives is central to the development of an internationalized university."  

To this end, the page outlines 3 approaches to internationalization, 4 components of internationalized course design, and 6 examples of course internationalization spanning the curriculum.

Strategies for Course Internationalization

Decorative: A global sign post with many signs pointing to different countries -- Canada, France, China, Germany, India, Greece, Kenya, Egypt, etc.


"Strategies for Course Internationalization" (web page) offers practical suggestions to "internationalize" your courses, "[e]nsuring that courses and program activities include global perspectives."

"This tip sheet explains how instructors can design internationalized courses and offer[ing] examples of course internationalization strategies developed by Waterloo instructors from a variety of disciplines."

Topics covered include the following:

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