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Find OER (Open Education Resources)

Decorative: OPEN -- Open Professionals Education Network


"Find OER" (web page) from OPEN (Open Professionals Education Network) "help[s] you find openly licensed media elements to use within your courses" in the following categories:

1. "[I]ndividual media elements to use within their courses, such as photos, graphics, videos, and audio, that are openly licensed in a way that freely permits education use"

OERs (Open Educational Resources): A Resource

A newly published, open-access, downloadable book, Open: The Philosophy and Practices That Are Revolutionizing Education and Science (2017) “share[s] the principal voices, motivations, and practices of the open movement” (p. 5).

Among its 22 chapters are the following:

  • Introduction to Open
  • A Brief History of Open Educational Resources
  • What Can OER Do for Me? Evaluating the Claims for OER
  • Are OE Resources High Quality?
  • Opening Science
  • From OER to Open Pedagogy: Harnessing the Power of Open
  • How to Open an Academic Department
  • Free Is Not Enough
  • Open as Default: The Future of Education and Scholarship