SoTL: The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) is the "scholarly inquiry into student learning which advances the practice of teaching by making inquiry findings public."

The Teaching Commons supports faculty practices, research, and publication in SoTL.

This support encompasses

  • Communities of practice
  • Teaching chairs
  • Postdoctoral research associates
  • Professional development for graduate students and teaching assistants
  • Links to useful resources. 

Engaging with SoTL Research

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"The Questions to Ask About Research on Teaching and Learning" (online article) begins by acknowledging that "[u]nfamiliar research approaches can make it challenging to determine how much stock to place in study findings." 

  • "How can we assess the research quality?"
  • "How can we determine whether a given instructional method is something worth trying in our courses? 

To help with these challenges, the article provides "a set of questions that you can use when evaluating individual studies and collections of them."