SoTL Journals: A Starting List

This starting list of SoTL-focused journals provides brief introductions and links to relevant journals sorted into the following categories:

  • Individual SoTL Journal (Interdisciplinary)
  • Individual SoTL Journals (Technology Focus)
  • Individual SoTL Journals (Listed by Discipline)

The following Tools and Resources: Tips from an Editor of a SoTL Journal may also be helpful.

Creating SoTL Projects

A step-by-step guide to "Creating SoTL Projects" (web page) covers the followings stages of the process:

1. Designing and Beginning: Provides helps for initiating a new SoTL project

2. Implementing and Managing: Explains different methodologies, provides information on how to collect and analyze evidence, etc.

3. Writing and Publishing: Presents information on how to share your information and get it published

How is SoTL Useful?

SoTL helps faculty remain on the "cutting edge" of the teaching dimension of their profession: 

1. It provides research opportunities. 

  • SoTL requires quantifiable and rigorous research, often leading to peer-reviewed publication.

2. It leads to more effective teaching. 

  • SoTL provides research-based evidence for better student learning, better classroom practice, and necessary systemic changes in pedagogy.

3. It enhances teaching portfolios.

  • SoTL highlights active interest in improving teaching, with SoTL outcomes being natural components of teaching portfolios.

4. It enriches the teaching experience. 

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