Technology Enabled Learning

Learning Technology

The Learning Technology team supports the use of teaching tools for fully online, blended, and in-class learning. 

We provide

  • Information about the latest teaching tools
  • Integration of educational technology into courses
  • Workshops on mycourselink and elearning 
  • Assistance for faculty and staff as they create online/blended course content and interactive learning strategies
  • Troubleshooting for issues with online course spaces

For help with mycourselink, to set up virtual classrooms or virtual assignments, or to explore the educational possibilities of emerging technologies, this is the place to start.

Contact us (807.346.7730 or to explore the possibilities of the online environment!

Active-Learning Activities for Zoom Classes

A recent Contact North webinar, "How to Create Active and Engaging Learning Experiences with Zoom Breakout Rooms," outlined how a variety of active-learning activities can be easily adapted to/incorporated into a Zoom class, along with simple and free 3rd party tools to enable extended activities.

  • It also provided helpful and detailed instructions for setting up breakout rooms, communication with breakout rooms, etc.

    1. Active-Learning/Breakout Room  Activities 

    Open Education Virtual Lab and Science Resource Directory

    "The BCcampus Open Education Virtual Lab and Science Resource Directory lists free science resources designed to support remote science education. This directory is updated as new resources are identified. Note that, while all resources in this directory are free, not all are open. Resources that carry Creative Commons or otherwise open licences are clearly labelled."

    Select "Contents--> Resources+" in the upper left to open the menu for a range of STEM disciplines.

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