Technology Enabled Learning

Using Technology for Experiential Education

Decorative: "Technology-Infused Experiential Learning"


"Using Technology for Experimental Education" (post) outlines several ways instructors can use technology "[a]s  either a support or primary mechanism for learning."

1. "How can I use technology as the primary mechanism for experiential learning?"

a. Simulation technologies

"[S]pecifically designed to allow for 'real-life' training and practice in a low risk environment":

3E Teaching with Technology: Essays/Research Papers

Decorative: A wired mouse connected to a pile of books as though the books were a computer


"Learning Technologies: Teaching with Technology" (web page) outlines several ways "technology can enhance teaching and learning," using the 3E model (Enhance, Extend, Empower) as a framework for essay/research paper assignments.

A. The 3E Model

"The 3E framework assists ... with the practical implementation of technology ... [and] is based on a continuum":

Design an Information Visual

Decorative: "Information Visualization Tools"


A. "How to Design an Information Visualization" (post) "offers a simple and straightforward 5 step process to follow when designing information visualizations."

  • "See Also" in B below links to useful visualization resources, tools, etc.

1. "Define the Problem" -- and the User Base.

"'What does my user need from this?' and 'How will they work with it?'" Should it ... "explain something to a user? Enable them to make new connections or observations? Prove a theory?"

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