Technology Enabled Learning


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1. Timelines in University-Level Work

“Digital Timelines” (web page) explains that “Online, interactive timelines support visually rich displays of information—text, images, multimedia, hyperlinks, even geospatial data—using spatial arrangements, categories, and color schemes to convey meaning, which make them ideal platforms for achieving a variety of course goals and objectives” and provides information on the following topics:

ePortfolios: An Introduction

"ePortfolios Explained" (web page) provides a comprehensive overview of ePortfolios in university education and covers the following topics:

  • "What are ePortfolios?"
  • "Different kinds of ePortfolios"
  • "ePortfolios: A growing trend"
  • "The learning theory behind ePortfolios"
  • "Other reasons for ePortfolios"
  • "ePortfolios: Evidence of efficacy"
  • "Best practices for instructors"
  • "Assessment of ePortfolios"
  • "Examples of student portfolios"
  • "ePortfolio platforms"
  • "Other resources for ePortfolios"
  • "ePortfolio organizations and groups"
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