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Infographics 101: Piktochart

Decorative: "What Is and Infographic?"


1. "How to Use Piktochart in Any (and Every) Classroom" (blog post) introduces using infographics in courses, -- a teaching tool that brings "poster sessions" to our students. (The posts below privilege Piktochart as a tool, but it is free and user-friendly: "Its tools will be intuitive to anyone who’s used to familiar programs for making slideshows")

This blog post answers the following questions: 

Virtual Laboratories

Decorative: "Virtual Labs" and three scenes from online virtual labs


"Virtual Laboratories" (web page and links):  "A virtual laboratory is an interactive environment for creating and conducting simulated experiments." 

1. Benefits

  • Provide students with "hands-on" materials and activities.
  • Encourage higher-order thinking skills.
  • Simulate physical laboratory experiments.
  • Allow students the opportunity to perform a task or conduct an experiment.

2. Online Examples

10 Technologies for Better Education

Decorative: A drawing of a computer surrounded by icons representing different aspects of learning -- an atom, an apple, a book, a students, a beaker, etc.


"10 Ways Technology Has Made Education Better and More Inclusive" (online article) lists ten aspects of technology that can 

1. Online Classes 

  • With mycourseline/D2L, both on-campus and online courses can benefit from the full range of "online learning" options.
  • Contact the Teaching Commons to see how your classes can benefit from online 

2. Open Educational Resources:

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