Technology Enabled Learning

Positive Physics

Decorative: logo (web site; free) is "[t]he world's most positive way to teach and learn physics."

1. Overview

"Designed for physics learners of any background and their teachers," Positive Physics ... 

  • "Break[s]-down traditional problems into accessible skills."
  • "Provide[s] plenty of practice."
  • "Give[s] immediate feedback."
  • "Emphasize[s] real-life situations and critical thinking."

2. Features

Professional Development mOOC - starting January 2019

Are you interested in beginning a professional learning journey with 250+ of your peers this winter? Are you also interested in acquiring a new set of technology-enabled teaching and learning skills? Join us in the Ontario Extend mOOC, beginning in January, as we work together to become Empowered Educators. Check out this short promo video and, if you’re interested, add your name to the list at and we will follow up with all the details.

This mOOC is offered by eCampusOntario.

6 Ways to Use Videos for Learning & Engagement

Decorative: "V-I-D-E-O" letters hanging from a clothes line


"Six Ways to Use Video to Promote Learning and Engagement" (post) outlines ways to make productive use of video "whether you teach online or face-to-face" -- video options, that is, that are not simply "talking-head lectures."

  • Such "videos can be added to courses without significant extra time and effort."

1. Course-introduction videos

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