Technology Enabled Learning

Digital Curation 101

Decorative: A human silhouette speaking an icon cloud with "curation" written across the various themed icons


A"Why Is Digital Curation So Important for Educators in 2018?" (post) introduces digital curation for class and course work.

1. What Is Digital Curation?

"Digital curation is ...

  • "the act of finding and selecting, grouping and contextualising, preserving, maintaining, archiving and sharing digital content"
  • "the alignment of curation with digital technology and participatory culture"

2. Why Does Digital Curation Matter?

Video Assignments

You can use Video Assignments to collect video assignments, allowing students to respond to course materials, work as a group "in person" synchronously, or do presentations remotely.

Instructors will have access to Video Assignments through their mycourselink sites. These tools are found on the navbar under the Other Tools dropdown menu.

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