ABCs of Online Teaching

Decorative: An image of ABC blocks in front of a chalk board on which is written mathematical formulae


1. "Back to the Basics: Revisiting the ABCs of Online Teaching" (post) outlines "a summary of the fundamental things online instructors should remember to create an engaging, inclusive, and equitable learning environment for all students" -- presented alphabetically.

  • Each alphabetical point is developed more fully in the post, with practical advice to help you realize that suggestion in your online teaching.

2. The ABCs

  • "Accept Change" 
  • "Be Present"-- "[M]ake a personal connection with students."
  • "Communicate" 
  • "Diversify Instructional Materials" -- "Model cultural competency by exposing students to various voices."
  • "Engage Intentionally" -- "[F]oster head to heart connections."
  • "First Impressions Matter" -- "Disorganized and inaccessible documents impact retention."
  • "Greet Students" -- "foste[r] social presence and increas[e] personal connection."
  • "Have Fun"
  • "Ignite Curiosity"
  • "Just Breathe" 
  • "Keep Watch" -- "Contact students who stop participating." 
  • "Life Happens" 
  • "Model Professionalism" -- "Respond promptly and speak kindly – 'tone matters.'" 
  • "Never Assume"
  • "Organize Student Groups" 
  • "Prepare to Grow" -- "Be willing to try a new tool, technique, or approach." 
  • "Quit Stressing" -- "Prioritize your health – exercise, eat healthily, and talk to a colleague or professional counselor."
  • "Repetition Sells" -- "Consistently follow the same structure for each model or unit." 
  • "Spell It Out" -- "Be clear, concise, and remove the ambiguity." 
  • "Teach Critical Thinking"
  • "Understand your Audience" 
  • "Value Every Voice"
  • "Why Matters" -- "Begin by considering what you want students to learn and to be able to do after your course."
  • "Provide eXplanations" -- "Provide clear pathways for students to connect how each aspect of the course is meaningful and interconnected."
  • "You Can Do It"
  • "Zoom with Confidence" -- Training in using Zoom is available through TSC and the Teaching Commons 
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