Accessible Education

Three humanoid shapes, each holding a puzzle piece, standing over the words, "Putting it together for everyone!"


Accessible education is the process of designing courses and developing a teaching style to meet the needs of people from a variety of backgrounds, abilities and learning styles.

  • The regulation is being phased in between 2011 and 2021 and includes accessibility standards for customer service, employment, information and communications, transportation, and the built environment. These standards seek to identify, remove and prevent barriers so that people with disabilities have more opportunities to participate in everyday life.

The accessibility standard for information and communications contained within IASR specifically addresses accessible education and requires Lakehead University to:

  • Provide educational resources and materials in accessible formats upon request
  • Provide instructors with accessibility awareness training related to accessible program or course delivery(see the University's AODA compliance training)

Visit the University's accessibility's site for a broader overview of our accessibility obligations and efforts.

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