Alternatives to Student Evaluations of Teaching

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A. "Alternatives to Student Evaluations of Teaching" (post) examines "other evaluation instruments not only available but indeed already in use for several years at UBC."

  • "It is past time to stop relying on an instrument that is known to be grossly inadequate for the role it plays."
  • There are "comprehensive assessments of teaching effectiveness that do not conflate such effectiveness with student satisfaction and do not discriminate on prohibited grounds."

1. "UBC’s Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Technology has a comprehensive section on their website on the summative peer review of teaching."

  • "[A] great deal more thought regarding what teaching effectiveness is and expertise in the evaluation of it can be found in these processes than in SEoTs."

2. "Still other forms of evaluation of teaching effectiveness are being developed."

3. "[O]ther resources can be found in the Statement on Teaching Evaluations written by the American Sociological Association and endorsed by about twenty other learned societies."

B. Other Useful Self-Assessment Tools/Resources


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