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25+ Strategies for Teaching Terminology

"Why Teach Vocabulary? 1. Best predictor of academic success, 2. Vocabulary development is an attainable goal, 3. Extends across all curriculum areas, 4. Direct instruction can improve comprehension.


Most areas of study require students to master an often extensive field-specific vocabulary, and students often both struggle with and resist this necessary mastery.

  • Below are a list of suggestions that will hopefully make the task easier for instructors and less onerous for students -- and so result in better learning experiences for everyone.

I. General strategies that work well are as follows:

Teaching a Self-Directed Learning Framework

SDL Framework: Plan, Perform, Monitor, Reflect (and back to Plan, Perform, ...)


"A Self-Directed Learning Model for 21st Century Learners" (post) outlines "a self-directed learning model for critical literacy" -- a six-part, largely interrogative-based model designed to promote "learning how to learn, understanding what’s worth understanding, and perhaps most importantly, analyzing the purpose of learning (e.g., personal and social change)."

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