Assignments and Activities

The Power of Pausing

Decorative: A large button with "Pause" written on it


"The Power of Pausing" (post) outlines the research-based value of pausing during lectures (spoiler alert: it increases both short-term and long-term retention) and introduces several, easy-to-implement "techniques that will encourage students to process the information just learned.."

A. The Research

1. In one study, "students ... given three 2-minute pauses during a lecture to review what was just learned ... [and] were asked to share and compare their notes with a classmate" [See Ruhl, Hughes, and Schloss (1987)].

3 Steps to Effective Jigsawing

Decorative: An wooden jigsaw puzzle in the shape of an owl


"Show and Tell: A Video Column/Let's Get Jigsaw Right" (post) explains the difference between productive jigsawing and a mere "divide-and-conquer approach to text."

  • Effective jigsawing provides the "opportunity to discuss how their assigned part fits within the whole text" so that "the critical thinking that's accomplished through analysis and synthesis ... happen[s]."
  • "Jigsaw is a three-step process" designed to "create a cooperative environment in which students would have to rely on one another to be successful."

A. A Pattern for Implementation

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