Assignments and Activities

4 Ways to Get Student Moving and Thinking

Decorative: "Get them moving!"


"4 Ways to Get Students Moving in Class" (post) outlines ways to "[b]uild students' sense of engagement by incorporating activities that get them out of their seats to work with course content."

A. Rationale

  • "[L]earning ... can be demanding, exhausting, and not always entertaining."
  • "Having students moving and talking not only builds important social and public speaking skills but also adds some fun to the learning environment that empowers and engages learners."
  • "[M]any strategies ... are easy to implement."

B. 4 Strategies

Strategies to Integate the 16 Habits of Mind

Decorative: "Habits of Mind" written beside a profile of a human head filled with interlocking jigsaw puzzle pieces.


"Integrating the Habits of Mind in the Classroom" (post) presents the "16 Habits of Mind, each with a tip, strategy or resource to understand and begin implementation in your classroom."

1. Persisting

  • "Have students identify characteristics of persistence shown by individuals in well-known events, or imagine what might have occurred if more or less persistence was shown in a given scenario."

2. Managing Impulsivity

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