Avoiding Instructor Burnout

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1. "4 Ideas for Avoiding Faculty Burnout" (online article) assumes that "faculty well-being is a pedagogical issue" and offers "some suggestions for making it through the semester," each elaborated in the text:

  • "Take time off, if only for an evening."
  • "Remember that your job is a job — even if you love it."
  • "Find ways to say no." 
  • "Choose sleep over extra class-prep time."

2. "Faculty Burnout" (pdf; Minter 2009) points out that "[f]aculty experiencing performance issues in meeting their professional responsibilities in the areas of teaching, scholarship, service, student-care-giving, and nurturing collegial relationships are likely candidates for the burnout zone."

The article lays the foundation for a broader consideration of the issue by examining the following topics:

  • "Why Is Burnout Occurring in Academia?"
  • "University Environment: A Breeding Ground for Burnout"
  • "What Are the Stressors Leading to Burnout in Academic Life?"
  • "How Can Burnout Be Identified?"
  • "How Can the Intervention and Recovery Process Work?"

The article also includes a useful, 70-item, "Burnout Cycle Inventory" for self-assessment.

  • Minter, Robert L. "Faculty Burnout." Contemporary Issues in Education Research, vol. 2, no. 2, 2009, pp. 1-8.

3. See the following:

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