What Is Camtasia?

Camtasia is a video-based, screen capturing software program installed on your computer, so your screen captures are directly recorded to a digital video format with higher quality audio.

What Is Camtasia Studio? TechSmith's Screen Recording Software! (1.47 m)

"Intro to Quizzing (Camtasia Version 8)" (6.02 m)

"Add a quiz or survey to your video to see what our viewers have learned or get feedback on your content.

  • "Learn how to set up, edit, and publish a quiz."

"Record Your Screen" (2.30 m)

  • "Recording best practices and in-depth how-to instructions"

"Manage Files and Projects" (2.46 m)

  • "Best practices for managing recording files, media content, and video projects"

"Camtasia Editor Tour" (5.00 m)

  • "Get familiar with the Editor interface, including the timeline."

"Use SmartFocus to Zoom and Pan" (5.46 m)

  • "Improve the view using these quick Zoom techniques."

"Basic Video Editing" (2.45 m)

  • "Learn simple but effective timeline editing techniques."

"Working with Callouts" (4.13 m)

  • "Callout tips, including how to choose shapes, rotate, fade in/out, and more"

"Animate with Visual Properties" (3.09 m)

  • "Animations overviews, examples, and simple effects"

"Produce and Share Your Video" (3.36 m)

  • "Create the file you need for sharing your video with others."
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