Comics for Teaching & Learning

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1. "Researchers Marvel at Potential of Comics for Learning" (online article) outlines a study that "suggest[s] comics are a better resource than text alone for students to learn new educational information."

  • Using "undergraduate biopsychology material which explained the basics of sleep as test material," "the test showed significantly higher memory scores in the comic condition compared with both the text-only and the incongruous comic condition."
  • "[T]he results further support the concept that the comic book format is suitable for disseminating educational material at undergraduate level."

2. GoComics "is the web's largest catalog of syndicated newspaper strips, political cartoons and webcomics, offering free new content every day" ("About GoComics").

a. Educational/Classroom Use:

  • "There is no need to request permission if you wish to use a cartoon for educational or classroom usage."
  • "Classroom use refers to public and private schools, home schooling, dissertations, thesis papers and other restricted college usage only."
  • "You may use up to seven (7) cartoons per year at no costs as part of our fair use policy."

b. Uses (same source as above)

"Images may be used in the classroom for the following uses:

  • "Overheads"
  • "Syllabi"
  • "Reprinted on tests or assignment papers"
  • "Passed out for sharing during lectures"
  • "Other uses within the classroom only"

"They MAY NOT be used in presentations outside of the classroom, as handouts for non-student use or in any manner that is not a classroom setting."

3. StoryboardThat

StoryboardThat is "the world's best free online storyboard creator" for drag-and-drop visual storytelling:

a. "Extensive Image Library"

"Choosing the right images makes a storyboard pop and come together!"

  • "Posable Characters and Scenes from Antiquity to the Space Age"
  • "Customizable Smart Scenes"
  • "Millions of Creative Commons Photos or Upload Your Own"

b. "Flexible Layouts"

"Every story is unique and choosing the right layout goes a long way."

  • "Optional Title and Descriptions"
  • "7 Layout Choices: Classic, T-Chart, Grid, Frayer Model, Spider Map, 16x9 Movie Layout, & Timeline"
  • "Up to 100 Cells per Storyboard"

c. Intuiitive and Simple"

"Storyboard That was designed to be used by anyone even if you are not a professional artist."

  • "Drag & Drop Interface"
  • "No Software to Download"
  • "Create Your First Storyboard in Minutes"
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