Contribute Field/Work-Specific Words to the OED

Decorative: A cartoon of Samuel Johnson working on his dictionary and, in his thought bubble, the words "Harmless drudge" and "Dull work"


"Words at Work" (post and fillable form) is an outreach by the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) for "words, phrases, and expressions particular to your workplace."

  • As a once and future lexicographer, I know how essential such contributions are to building a viable corpus and so would encourage everyone to contribute their terms.

The online, fillable "Which Words Do You Use at Work?" form asks for the following information: 

  • "Word or phrase"
  • "What does it mean?"
  • "In which trade or profession is it used?"
  • "Is there anything else you'd like to tell use about this word and how it is used?"
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