Coping with Coronavirus: How Faculty Can Help Students

"Keep Calm and Teach On" poster


The Chronicle of Higher Education has made a special collection of useful articles free for faculty to help them help students deal with the unique challenges of the pandemic.

"Coping with Coronavirus: How Faculty Can Support Students in Traumatic Times" (pdf) is availble for download and includes the following articles:

  • "Shock, Fear, and Fatalism": "As coronavirus prompts colleges to close, students grapple with uncertainty."
  • "10 Tips to Support Students in a Stressful Shift to Online Learning": "Because professors play a key role in students' retention, staying connected is crucial." 
  •  "Let's Add Compassion to Our Online Curriculum": "Karen J. head explains why it's essential now to emphasize human interactions in teaching."
  • "How to Help a Student in a Mental-Health Crisis": "Faculty members aren't counselors, but can still guide a struggling student."
  • "How to Make Your Online Pivot Less Brutal": "Kevin Gannon offers tips on navigating the strange new normal."
  • "Linking Course Content to the World Around Us": "Small changes in teaching can help students make connections."
  • "Resources": "The Chronicle's Teaching newsletter discusses how to help students keep learning through a disruption."
  • "Learning from Crisis": "Read how colleges that have been through shootings, opioid deaths, and other crises have handled sensitive student concerns."
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