The Creative Syllabus

Decorative: The word "Syllabus" with a reversed image of the same word below it


"When you think of a syllabus, what comes to mind? Is it a boring, wordy document that outlines the content a teacher will address throughout the semester or school year? A ... syllabus can be so much more than that!" ("How to Create an Infographic Syllabus with Piktochart")

1. "Graphic Novel" Syllabi

  • Free, online tools like Pixton make creating visual texts fast and fun.

2. Infographic Syllabi

  • Many more examples (made with other free, online tools such as Canva) can be found by searching "images" under "infographic syllabi."

3. Animated Syllabi

Syllabi can also be presented as short animations using free online tools like Prezi, Powtoon,  or Animaker

a. "Eng 11 PreAP Syllabus" (Prezi)

b. "Math Syllabus Powtoon" (1.45 m)

c. "BSN 220" (1.31 m; Powtoon on Vimeo)

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