Critical Digital Pedagogy

Decorative: "Critical Digital Pedagogy"


"4 Characteristics of Critical Digital Pedagogy" (post) outlines "four things we might notice if digital teaching and learning is doing what it’s supposed to do."

It also includes a SlideShare presentation entitled "Digital Pedagogy is About Breaking Stuff: Toward a Critical Digital Humanities Pedagogy" which does the following:

  • Defines "critical "in several registers"
  • Differentiates between "[t]he best digital tools" and "the worst digital tools"
  • Provides a variety of provocative and inspiring quotations

1. Four Characteristics of Critical Digital Pedagogy

  • "It centers its practice on community and collaboration."

  • It "[m]ust remain open to diverse, international voices, and thus requires invention to reimagine the ways that communication and collaboration happen across cultural and political boundaries."

  • It "[w]ill not, cannot, be defined by a single voice but mus gather a cacophony of voices."

  • It "[m]ust have use and application outside traditional institutions of education." 

2. Working Definitions of "Critical"

  • "Critical, as in mission-critical, essential"
  • "Critical, as in literary criticism and critique, providing definitions and interpretation"
  • "Critical, as in a reflective and nuanced approach to a think"
  • "Critical, as in criticizing institutional or corporate impediments to learning"
  • "Critical Pedagogy, as a disciplinary approach, which inflects (and is inflected by) each of these other meanings"

3. The "Best" vs the "Worst" Digital Tools

  • "The best digital tools inspire use, often to use them in ways the designer couldn't anticipate."
  • "The worst digital tools attempt to dictate our pedagogies, determining what we can do with them and for whom."
  • "The digital pedagogue teaches her tools, doesn't let them teach here."
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