Critical Thinking: Rubric (Holistic)

Decorative: Shows two heads in profile, one with a string in an orderly spiral unravelling and exiting through the head's mouth -- a thread that is received into the other head as a disordered, overlapping, "scribbly" line


"Holistic Critical Thinking Scoring Rubric" (pdf) presents a rubric and "Instructions for Using the Holistic Critical Thing Scoring Rubric."

A. The instructions elaborate on three principles:

  • "Understand the Construct."
  • "Differentiate and Focus."
  • "Practice, Coordinate, and Reconcile."

B. The rubric offers straightforward, four-point scale from 4 to 1:

"4 - Consistently does all or almost all of the following":

  • "Accurately interprets evidence, statements, graphics, questions, etc."
  • "Identifies the salient arguments (reasons and claims) pro and con."
  • "Thoughtfully analyzes and evaluates major alternative points of view."
  • "Draws warranted, judicious, non-fallacious conclusions."
  • "Justifies key results and procedures, explains assumptions and reasons."
  • "Fair-mindedly follows where evidence and reasons lead."

"1 - Consistently does all or almost all of the following":

  • "Offers biased interpretations of evidence, statements, graphics, questions, information, or the points of view of others."
  • "Fails to identify or hastily dismisses strong, relevant counter-arguments."
  • "Ignores or superficially evaluates obvious alternative points of view."
  • "Argues using fallacious or irrelevant reasons, and unwarranted claims."
  • "Does not justify results or procedures, nor explain reasons."
  • "Regardless of the evidence or reasons, maintains or defends views based on self-interest or preconceptions."
  • "Exhibits close-mindedness or hostility to reason."
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