D2L: A Helpful Tool Guide for Course Planning

1. Though a bit dated, the following chart can help in course planning as you look towards another term teaching online with D2l/mycourselink, our learning management system.

Specifically, it "can help you choose the right tool for the learning activity you want to use."

  • "Know which tool you want to use? Follow its row across to see strengths and weaknesses." 
  • "Know what you want to achieve? Pick a column and follow it to see which tool will help you do it."
  • "When designing learning activities consider the different levels of thinking outlined in the revised Bloom’s taxonomy. Include the higher levels to ensure mastery of learning."

2. The Desire2Learn Tool Guide for Teachers (Click image for full-sized pdf.)

D2L Tool guide chart for teachers

3. Useful Sidebar on Discussions (bottom right)

"Be Creative with Discussion Forums"

  • "It doesn’t always have to be an in-depth class discussion."
  • Some "[o]ther activity ideas"
    • "class debate"
    • "team or group discussions"
    • "weekly project reports"
    • "role play and feedback"
    • "gather resources and reviews"
    • "assessment support"
    • "Helpline or FAQs"
    • "rotated student-led discussions"
    • "weekly magazine ... "
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