Developing Palliative Care Programs in First Nations Communities

Decorative: "Improving End-of-life Care in First Nations Communities"


"Developing Palliative Care Programs in First Nations Communities: A Workbook" (web page) "is a major outcome of the EOLFN project and is intended for use by First Nations communities."

A. The Workbook

"It was developed by the research team that included the four First Nations community partners and is intended as a guide and a resource for other communities."

  • "This workbook provides an outline for creating local palliative care programs in First Nations communities."
  • "The hope is that this workbook will support other First Nations communities interested in developing a palliative care program."
  • "It offers a process for community development and change, practical guides, ideas, and lessons learned."

B. Tools & Resources

"The workbook and tools/resources are available for downloading at no cost at the links below":

1.  Phase 3 – Experiencing a Catalyst

2. Phase 4 – Creating the Palliative Care Program

a. Hiring the Community Facilitator

b. Creating a Timeline

c. Understanding Community Needs and Perspectives

d. Developing the Workplan

e. Formalizing the Leadership Team

f. Creating Palliative Care Program Guidelines

3. Phase 5 – Growing the Palliative Care Program

a. Strengthening Community Relationships

b. Building External Linkages

i. MOU

ii. Hospital Discharge Planning

iii. HSIP Proposal

iv. Journey Mapping

c. Promoting Education

i. Palliative Care for Front Line Workers in First Nations Communities

ii. Finding Our Way Through Navigating Loss and Grief in First Nation Life

iii. Palliative Care in First Nations Community Brochures

iv. Palliative Care Community Awareness Sessions

v. Advance Care Planning

vi. Cultural Sensitivity Resources

d. Providing Care

i. Naotkamegwanning Wiisokotaatiwin Program

ii. Six Nations Shared Care Outreach Team

e. Advocating for Individuals and Families

C. "Supporting the Development of Palliative Care Programs in First Nations Communities: A Guide for External Partners"

1. "The guide is intended for use by external partners, including health care providers and policy and programs developers, to support First Nations communities in their efforts to develop a local palliative care program."

  • "The guide articulates the role of the external partners in the community capacity development process."
  • "From a participatory approach to development, it situates the external partner as creating and supporting the environment for success."
  • "The First Nations community members are the primary change agents but external partners play a critical role in supporting change.

2. "The guide ​and powerpoint presentation are available for downloading at no cost at the links below":

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