Digital Story Telling through Maps

Decorative: An image of a story map tour based in London


1. "Digital Storytelling Through Maps" introduces " Esri Story Maps ...a web tool that enables you to combine the power of maps and narrative text to create engaging and inspiring stories to share with others."

  • "Besides maps, your stories can include places, locations, and geography."
  • "You can also embed a wide variety of multimedia materials to tell your stories ... videos, images, texts, shapes and many more."

2. Esri Story Maps provides many resources for learning how to use Story Maps, including the following:

  • Tips and templates
  • Examples
  • "Get Started Right Away: Create a Story" button

3. Project Types Well-Suited to This Tool

a. "Story Map Tour"

  • "Tour your audience through a sequence of photos or videos linked to a map."

b. "Story Map Journal"

  • "Create an in-depth narrative organized into sections in a scrolling side panel."

c. "Story Map Cascade"

  • "Create an in-depth narrative with immersive, full-screen scroll."

d. "Story Map Series Tabbed Layout"

  • "Your users can switch between multiple maps to compare different datasets or places, or see change over time.

e. "Story Map Side Accordion Layout"

  • "Our expandable side accordion control makes it easy for your users to explore your maps."

f. "Story Map Series Bulleted Layout"

  • "Present a set of maps via numbered bullets. Great when you have a large number of maps or locations to present or a top 10 list."

g. "Story Map Shortlist"

  • "Present places of interest organized into a set of tabs. Great for detailed travel guides or inventories."

h. "Story Map Swipe"

  • "Let your users swipe back and forth to compare two maps and see data patterns or change over time."

i. "Story Map Spyglass"

  • "Let your users peer through one map with our spyglass tool to see another map. Great for before and after maps."

j. "Story Map Basic"

  • "Let your beautiful cartography speak for itself with this simple user interface.
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