EDPuzzle: Video Remix and Annotation Tool

Decorative: Edpuzzle logo with words, "Make any video your lesson"


"EdPuzzle" (post) introduces and reviews EDpuzzle's usefulness as a tool to "[c]rop, customize, and remix online videos for your class." 

1. "What Is It?"

  • "EDpuzzle is a web-based interactive video and formative assessment tool that gives teachers a set of tools to crop an existing online video to the moments needed for a specific teaching purpose." 
  • "Teachers can also customize the cropped video with voice-overs, audio comments, and embedded assessment questions."

2. "How Can I Teach with This Tool?"

  • "If you're using others' content as a starting point, EDpuzzle’s search will suggest high-quality videos from sites such as YouTubeKhan AcademyTED Talks, and Vimeo." 
  • "In the hands of students, the videos can be annotated and reconceptualized in ways that move students from passive consumers into critical remixers of online learning content."

3. "Is It Good for Learning?"

  • "EDpuzzle allows both teachers and students to customize online videos in ways that encourage more active video-learning."
  • "[T]he ability to isolate the most important aspects of a video, along with the capability for embedded assessment, makes this type of learning more powerful and relevant."
  • "[T]he ability to add voice-overs can enhance students' engagement and learning."
  • "Teachers can further explain what's on the screen and contextualize what students see in a way that's relevant to their course." 

4. Quick Overview

  • "Pros: Intuitive video editor includes the ability to add voice-overs, comments, and quizzes to existing online videos."
  • "Cons: Platform is web-based, requiring students and teachers to have reliable internet access."
  • "Bottom Line: If you're using online video in your classroom, you'll want to look into EDpuzzle as a way to layer in more learning opportunities while students watch."
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