Enliven Online Teaching

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"Don't Turn Into a Bot Online: Three Easy Strategies to Let Your Personality Shine in Your Online Course" (post) lists quick "ways to let your personality, teaching style, and personal touches shine through in the online environment."

  • Each point is elaborated in the original post.

1. Making Videos

a. "Tips if you don’t want to record yourself"

  • "Get outside! Try recording a video while sitting in your backyard, or while you are out for your evening walk."
  • "Record your screen while you lecture, and be sure to have a visual to lecture with so your students have something to focus on."
  • "Use an avatar or animated character instead of your face."
  • "Just try; it may not be as bad as you think it is!" 

b. "Tips for making a good video"

  • "Have clear sound/audio. Students need to be able to hear and understand you."
  • "The clearer the picture, the better."
  • "Keep it short and sweet ... videos under 10-minutes is a good rule of thumb to keep your students engaged."
  • "Caption your video for accessibility" [or provide transcripts].
  • "[P]ut your best side forward by paying attention to your camera angle." 

2. "Increas[ing] Interest by Adding Humor"

Include "something to grab their attention and make them laugh for a second, think about something from a different angle, or give them a quote that will be stuck in their head for the day":

  • "Memes and GIFs"
  • "Funny personal story – record it!"
  • "Memorable quote"
  • "Catchy song or rhyme" 
  • "Interesting video"

3. Connecting With Your Students: "Touch base often with your students"

  • "Send out surveys to gauge how students are doing academically and emotionally, and follow up on responses!" 
  • "Create an online community using collaboration tools to give everyone a voice."
  • "Hold small group meetings using a video conferencing tool."
  • "Have an Ask the Instructor' discussion board where students can post questions to you."
  • "Find ways to make the learning experience personal for your students (using simple codes can personalize your LMS and emails)."
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