Exit Ticket Tools

Two sample exit tickets: The first one has three stems -- "Today I learned ...," "I could have ...," "Next time I need to ...." The second one also has three stems: "3 things I learned," "2 things I found interesting," "1 question I still have."


"Exit Ticket Tools for Teachers" (post) explains exit tickets, lists common exit-ticket prompts, and introduces "a number of useful web tools teachers can utilize to create and share exit tickets with students."

1. What Are Exit Tickets?

  • "Exit tickets or cards are informal assessment tools teachers can use to assess students understanding at the end of a class."
  • "They can also be used for formative assessment purposes to help teachers design better instructional content based on students feedback."
  • "Exit tickets can take the form of a prompt or a question related to what have been taught in the lesson."

2. What Are Some Common Prompts?

  • “Name one important thing you learned in class today."
  • "What did you think was accomplished by the small group activity we did today?"
  • "Write/ask one question about today’s content—something that has left your puzzled."
  • "Today’s lesson had three objectives (... shared at the beginning of class and ... available for referencing), which of the three do you think was most successfully reached?  Explain.  Or, which was not attained?  Why do you think it was not?"

3. What Are Some Useful Tools for Exit Tickets?

a. Google Forms/Docs

  • "[C]reate an exit ticket form in Google Forms and share it with your students ... [and] collect and store students responses in a spreadsheet to use for later reference."
  • "[C]reate a Google document with the questions and prompts you want students to work on and share it with them."
  • "Using the commenting feature, students add comments to the document."

b. Polling Tools

Polling tools allow you "to instantly assess students learning at the end of a class." 

c. Student Response Tools

These " do the same job a pen and paper exit slip can do."

Decorative: A chart of exit ticket prompts
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